For October 2012 we're preaching on the book of Job. In this four part series Andy Bruins shows us the story of Job - we see the pain of his suffering and his faithfulness to God. More importantly, we see how God is continually faithful to Job.

The talks are outlined below:

Faith In The Dark

In Job 1 - 3 we see Satan begin to attack Job. Despite family deaths and his worldly possessions being taken away - Job continues to praise the Lord.

Miserable Comforters

Job's friends try help Job with advise, but unfortunately their worldly advise is little help to him. In this sermon we see where his friends have gone wrong.

Yet will I hope in Him

This passage teaches us how to be true worshippers. We see how everything is from God and for God.

Out of The Storm

In this sermon Andy helps us look at God's response to Job's situation.

The full sermon series on Job can be found on our sermons page.

17 October 2012