“You are what you love” review

This Book has been recommended on various evangelical websites as being in the Top 10 evangelical books to read for 2016. We find it distressing that some evangelical heavyweights could recommend a book that could lead people to pre-reformation religion. Therefore we have written a rather long critique of what we would call – “A […]

Small Groups

Despite the ubiquity of smartphones, the near-universal usage of diverse social media and the ease of finding common interest groups on the web, reported levels of loneliness in most developed western societies continue to rise. It used to be that we associated loneliness and social isolation mostly with elderly widows and widowers living out their […]

Reality is no intuitive

People who don’t believe Christianity is true give many different reasons. Some are moral, some are aesthetic, some are scientific, and some are logical or philosophical arguments. In the latter category are objections that, for example, the trinity is just absurd; that it doesn’t even make sense, and is sufficiently incoherent that you can’t say […]

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