Due to coronavirus restrictions our Sunday services are now online.

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Cornerstone Church meet to worship God through Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit; to learn more about Him from the Bible; to pray, to share with one another and reach out to others with the life-changing love of Jesus.

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Truth about Jesus

We are a group of people who have come to believe that the truth about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is the best news this world could ever hear.

We have discovered that true love, peace, hope, forgiveness and lasting life are all found in Jesus alone.


At Cornerstone you will find some people who have believed the Christian good news for many years, but some have only just understood who Jesus is. Others are still trying to work out what life; God and the universe are all about.

People at Cornerstone are of all ages and from many different backgrounds, from Kingston and beyond.


Cornerstone Church Kingston is part of a network of Churches called the 'Co-mission Initiative', which seeks to plant new Churches and ‘make disciples of all nations’.

We’re also part of the 'Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches', a national fellowship of over 500 independent Churches.

10.30am - 12pm Service

Our 10.30am morning service in Tiffin School includes our crèche, children’s and youth work. Tea & Coffee is served before and after the service and we encourage people to stay around afterwards for conversation.

We meet near Kingston Town Centre, so there are many transport links from nearby areas.

6.30pm - 8pm Service

Our evening service meets at 6.30pm on Sundays in The Hub. The hall is set out with chairs around tables,and each table has some drinks, Bibles, pens and service sheets on them. You can also grab yourself a hot tea or coffee as you come into the hall.

The style of the meeting is quite informal and is generally more interactive than in the morning. There is often time to discuss what the preacher said and ask him any questions.

The Mix

On the first Sunday of every month we have a different style of service called The Mix. The sermon is broken up into sections and interspersed with songs and prayers.

We call it 'Adult Teaching in Bite-Sized Chunks'!

Newcomers Homegroup

Each week we host Bible studies in small groups at the homes of some of our church members. One of these groups is specially for newcomers.

Here you can read the Bible together with other newcomers, discuss what you’re reading and ask questions about the Bible or about our church.