Hello mums, dads, carers and most of all TOTS! We have missed you all so much at Monday Tots, but we are really happy to say that we are slowly and carefully making a comeback.

Below are two links. Please click and register for either the 9:30 or the 11AM session.

They are both an hour long and will be limited to 15 family units (1 adult + children) or 30 people (whatever number we get to first).

Book now for 9:30am

Book now for 11am

We will clean the room and swap the toys in between sessions.

Carers are free to bring their own drinks in covered containers and spill proof beakers for children.

There will be no organised snack time children and refreshments will not be served at this time.

Visit the Facebook page.

Dean Dryden
Dean Dryden
Families worker
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