Children and youth are an integral part of our church family at Cornerstone. We have a great team who are passionate about teaching the Bible to children and young people. All our team have undergone the required checks with the Criminal Records Bureau and we have a number of qualified teachers involved.


For children under 18 months, there is a crèche in Bedelsford School’s wonderful soft play room.

This could arguably be the best crèche room in any church anywhere in the world!

Bible Tots

For 18 month to 3 year olds, there is an introductory Bible teaching programme. The children learn the basic truths about their Creator God and Jesus from the Bible. They learn through short, engaging, sensory teaching presentations, singing, music, craft and play.

Cornerstone Kids

Children from 3 to 11 years engage in a comprehensive Sunday School programme. They meet together for a time of sharing and then split into more age-specific classes. Younger children learn through a Bible story, games and craft activates. Older children engage in a simple Bible study, lively discussion and a consolidation game which relates to the lesson.

With all age groups, we aim to teach the Bible systematically, clearly and simply. We work hard to help the children understand how the truth they have learned about Jesus applies in different areas of their lives at school, at home and within the church community.

We make use of Mustard Seeds teaching resources from TnT Ministries.