These are uncertain times and our world is full of bad news. Many people are searching for clarity, hope and a way forward.

The Bible doesn't offer trite solutions for the complex problems which face us. But it does ring with wonderful news for our world.

The Christian message about Jesus offers hope, clarity and life.

For everyone.

And we'd love to help you explore it.

Now the world is under threat from the enemy unseen; spreading fear and bringing death... its name? COVID-19.
We need not live in fear.

If you need help or want to talk. We’re here for you.

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Hope with others

We're hosting 2 services each Sunday at 10:30am and 6:30pm.

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Hope in the Bible

A few of us have filmed some short videos to see what the Bible says about God and hope.

Watch 'Corona Chronicles' Series 1

Watch 'Corona Chronicles' Series 2

Hope in God

Every year we run informal, accessible courses to help people explore the claims of Jesus in the Bible. The Bible is full of God's wisdom and it tackles tough subjects like:

- Is there a God and what is he like?
- Who we are?
- What's gone wrong with the world?
- What happens when we die?
- How can we be made right with God?

At this time, lots of people are starting to ask these big questions again and if you'd like to register your interest in one of our courses, we'd be very happy to get in touch when we're able to run one.

In the meantime, you might find this website called "2 ways to live" useful, as it explains the Christian faith.

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