The Covid-19 outbreak has implications for people’s employment and financial circumstances. In this context, we provide some actions you may wish to consider given that it is unclear how long this will last and how it might affect us. Note that Cornerstone is obviously not equipped to provide financial advice, and that this is indicative guide only based on common sense and publicly available information. No reliance can be placed up on this document, nor can Cornerstone accept any liability for its contents. Nonetheless, we hope people will find this helpful as a starting point.

The government has announced several financial packages to assist both businesses and individuals with the financial impact of the Covid-19 outbreak:

While details of some of this are still sketchy and being worked out, it is clear that they will provide significant support and that many businesses and organisations may be able to be more flexible about any financial commitments owed to them, so it is always worth asking people you owe money to directly if they would give you the ability to not pay for a while but bear in mind this is deferment not cancellation.


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God is in control

The Bible clearly teaches that wars, famines & plagues will come – so we are not surprised.

It’s also clear that this is exposing the human heart:

  • People hoarding at the expense of others
  • People stealing hand sanitisers from hospitals

This is showing human sin – yet again the Bible is correct!

And also the fear & suffering will bring more people back to God! And this is teaching ALL of us that we have NO control – and that we need to trust God more.

And remember Christ died for our sins – so if we die, we will be with Him in heaven through Christ. And God always has a plan – but we don’t know what it is, but it is definitely a good plan & we will only be able to see it when this is all over!